Barree & Associates is a petroleum engineering firm based in Lakewood, Colorado. We offer consulting services for companies worldwide, specializing in stimulation and well performance optimization. Our group of petroleum engineers has years of experience in the field, and will work closely with you to accomplish your goals.

Barree & Associates is also author and developer of GOHFER software package.  GOHFER is a multi-disciplinary, integrated geomechanical fracture simulator that incorporates all the tools necessary for conventional and unconventional well completion design, analysis and optimization. 


  • Bob Barree
    • Dr. Robert D. Barree is President of Barree & Associates.  He has been involved in the development of hydraulic fracture design simulators and fracture diagnostic procedures since 1980 and is the primary author of the fully three-dimensional hydraulic fracture simulator GOHFER®. Previously, Dr. Barree was a Senior Technical Consultant at Marathon's Petroleum Technology Center in Denver, Colorado.  His 24 years' experience at Marathon developed extensive expertise in the areas of well completion, stimulation, numerical simulation, special core analysis, formation damage, and equipment design. He continues to provide consultation on formation damage evaluation, well completions, and stimulation to company engineering personnel in domestic and international operations. Consulting services have been provided in Mid Continent US, Alaska, California, Gulf of Mexico, North Sea, Africa, Mid East, Australia, China, and Russia including onshore and offshore developments. Dr. Barree served as SPE Distinguished Lecturer on "Advances in Hydraulic Fracturing" for 1999-2000. He also presents intra-company short courses on hydraulic fracturing and other topics, and his publications are extensive. Contact Bob at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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  • Kevin J. Svatek
    • Kevin J. Svatek is a Senior Technical Consultant with Barree & Associates.  Kevin graduated from Texas A&M University with a B.S. in Petroleum Engineering in 1992 and began his career as a field engineer with Smith Energy Services in Vernal, UT.  Kevin relocated to Crowley, LA with The Western Company, where he was involved with the conception, construction and formation of stimulation vessel design and capabilities, pumping and blending equipment design and specifications, data acquisition, and product development for offshore frapack completions as well as providing well stimulation technical assistance for fracturing, sand control, acidizing, and coiled tubing treatments to enhance productivity of oil and gas wells in the Gulf of Mexico.  Kevin held similar roles with BJ Services, OSCA and Halliburton. Kevin spent 3 years as a deepwater completion consultant before joining StimLab, Inc. /ProTechnics division of Core Laboratories in 2004 to mark the beginning of his work with the GOHFER® Hydraulic Fracture Simulation Software.  In February of 2013, Kevin joined Barree & Associates to continue his role as global manager for GOHFER®, where he oversees development, licensing, distribution, marketing, training, and technical support.  Kevin is based out of Houston, TX. 
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  • Val Barree
    • Val Barree graduated from the Colorado School of Mines in 1986 where she majored in mineral engineering mathematics, with minors in chemical petroleum refining and computer science.  After graduation and a brief stint as an instructor at Arapahoe Community College, she focused on software development for core test analysis and instrumentation under the company name Custom Scientific Tools.  Developed software included tools for the acquisition and analysis of relative permeability and capillary pressure data, as well as many other customized testing procedures. In 1999, Val joined Bob in forming Barree & Associates.  In addition to her role as managing partner, her primary duties included well test analysis and software development for the Stim Lab Proppant Consortium (including Predict-K) and GOHFER®. This company owes a great debt to Val, who devoted so much time and effort helping get the business off the ground and developing it over the years. We wouldn't be where we are today without her. Val passed away in 2011.
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